Office home working

Modern home office work interior

Create stylish solutions for home office working.

Home office work environments

Whether you’re creating an office environment in a small nook or you have the luxury of having an entire room, Be Creative.  Source original furnishings for maximum impact. Industrial shelving works well in this space against the bare brick walls. Don’t be afraid to add green plants, stylish shelving, comfy chairs and vintage boxes for storage.

Alternative Home office work interior

Introduce overhead lighting if natural lighting isn’t an option. Consider angled floor lights that don’t steal desktop space. Personal your space with family photographs and personal artifacts to create a homely environment.

Home office work interiorSet a desk under a window to take advantage of natural light.  Keep the space neat and tidy. Use white furnishings to reflect light and keep the space airy.

Home office work interior environments

Or set a desk against a wall, add stylish shelving to help organise paperwork, a mood board for inspiration, a few personal items that make you smile and you instantly have a functional home office environment.

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