My Home is Manchester

Social travel writers, Mohammed and Peyman AlAwadhi, better known as ‘Peeta Planet‘  teamed with ‘Visit Britain’ to encourage visitors from the GCC countries to explore the Great British countryside and venture outside of London. The series ‘Dunes to Peaks’ features Manchester and the Peak District, just a 45 min drive from the city.

The series of 11 short videos includes fly fishing on the River Wye, horse riding on the Tissington Trail, a fashion documentary filmed in city centre, Manchester, and a visit to Chatsworth Hall, a stately home in Derbyshire.

Check out the intro video to the series. It captures for me what is essentially British.  The video explores Manchester’s vibrant city, from street culture, shopping and street carnivals to the home of football rivals, Manchester United and Manchester City and introduces a side of the Uk that most visitors from the GCC don’t realise exists, the Great British countryside. Every year Britain welcomes more than 600,000 visitors from the Gulf states but the majority don’t venture outside of London. The Al Awadhi brothers supported by ‘Visit Britain’ hope that they inspire more visitors from GCC countries to extend their city breaks and explore the beautiful countryside.

Check out the full video series on youtube

For more information on Peeta Planet visit their website here. peeta

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