Original Valentine’s Day Gifts

'Selene 6' by Juliana Do - Buy Saatchi Art Online

Forget teddy bear and chocolates. Be original, buy original, and say I love you with an original art piece from Saatchi Art onlineHere is a selection of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for those that deserve something unique…

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‘SEXY GIRL WITH A GUN ABSTRACT ‘ by Cherie Steinberg

Buy saatchi art online Click to order 'Sexy Girl with a gun' by Cherie Steinberg
Click to order ‘Sexy Girl with a gun’ by Cherie Steinberg – Prints from $140 >

‘Lovers’ by Pedro Abreu 

Saatchi Art Lovers Pedro Abreu Shop Now
Click to order ‘Lovers by Pedro Abreu’ – $800  > 

‘We say YES’ by Hennie van de Lande

Click to order ‘We say YES’ by Hennie van de Lande – $1,495 > 

NUDE 4130 from the series “las mujeres transparentes” by Michael Lentz

Shop Saatchi art Nude by Michael Lentz
Click to order ‘Nude’ by Michael Lentz – $250 >

‘Selene 6’ by Juliana Do

Click to order ‘Selene 6’ by Juliana Do – $4,600 >

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