Black and White Decor

Create a sophisticated space using a simple black and white palette. Using white as a background, go bold with black accessories. Think graphic patterns, huge statement pieces of art and individual pieces of furniture.

Black and white will always look chic and timeless.  The simplicity of design will give any interior an instantly elegant touch.It’s the easiest formula to put together. It really is hard to get this look wrong.

When you feel ready for a change, just add a little bit of colour to the mix since black and white will go with absolutely anything. Add a pastel throw and delicate fabrics or make a staement with a dramatic splash ofcolour.               Just try it.

We have collected a gallery of some of our favourite photos to highlight this sophisticated formula.

Add interest through playing with dimensions. Take risks, be creative.
Create a gallery wall
Living room shelving spaces
Display some of your favourite thimgs on stylish shelving. Keep it tidy, sharp and uncluttered. Remember attention to detail.
Add plants to living room interior
A touch of green brings a sense of the outdoors inside.
Introduce geometric patterns using cushions and textiles.
Add flowers and candles to home interior
Remember the smaller details.
Frame a black and white images
Frame a black and white image to add interest.